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Welcome to the DarkSoulsDev wiki, where Dark Souls file formats and binaries are analysed and discussed to allow developers to document themselves, build modding tools, or just be curious about the internal aspects of this game.

To avoid bot spamming, this wiki can be edited only by registered users. If you have the tiniest bit of information to add to this wiki, please send me an email at so I can make you an account, or send me the information. Thanks!

File formats

  • Archives
    • Combined archive data container: BDT
    • Combined archive header (external): BHD
    • Combined archive header (internal): BHF
    • Compressed data: DCX
    • Standalone archive: BND
  • Maps
    • Map: MSB
    • Collision related: MCG
    • Collision related: MCP
  • Models
  • Textures
  • Sounds
  • Scripts
    • Compiled Lua script: LUA (magic: b"\x1BLUA")
    • Lua related: LUAINFO (magic: LUAI)
    • Lua related: LUAGNL
  • Shaders
    • Vertex shader: VPO
    • Fragment shader: FPO
  • Miscellaneous
    • Font definition: CCM
    • String table for localisation: FMG
    • Special effect related: FFX
    • Havok engine related: HKX (magic: WààW)
    • Havok engine related: HKXPWV
    • Camera rumble related: SIBCAM
    • Gamepad rumble related: RMB
    • Dummy files: DMY, contains misc stuff in Japanese
  • Unknown
  • Other notable formats
    • PNG images
    • BMP images
    • TXT files

External resources

Information in this wiki mostly comes from individual reverse-engineering and testing, but also from the following sources: