NǽnøcÿbbŒrg VbërrHolökäävsT

18 Aug 2017

Got bored and shrinked some songs back.

The Ultimate Fate Of The Universe :

Track Speed What happens?
Part I: The Big Bang x20 sounds like some Rhapsody of Fire
Part II: Planck Epoch 1 second of noise
Part III: Epoch of Nucleosynthesis x10 some female voiced metal
Part IV: Radiation Domination x5? piano
Part V: Matter Domination x10 a progressive metal piece
Part VI: The Primordial Dark Age x20 vibrated and mirrored piano
Part VII: Reionization x5? looping midi latino madness
Part VIII: The Black Hole Era x8? cool metal piece
Part IX: The Photon Era
Part X: The Heat Death x20 Dragonforce - Through the Fire and Flames

Even though this album is just a meme, I recommend to you the Goodbye, Sol album.